How would i secretly assign someone to be a monster

I’m making a maze game, and someone needs to secretly sabotage everyone’s escape.

There should be no clues or way find out who the monster is…
Maybe even make the monster invisible if possible.

Make a random team switcher.

  • In this case, use a LIFECYCLE, (game start) and wire it to a RELAY (random player)
    Event occurs < trigger relay.
  • Then, place down a TEAM SWITCHER that switches the player to the monster’s team. Wire the relay to the team switcher Event occurs < switch player to configured team.
  • Then, when the event occurs, use a teleporter or a place that spawns the random player.
  • Make sure to hide the player’s name so nobody knows who it is!

Use a random player relay to select the monster. Hide parts of the monster’s name around the map.

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