How would I make barbed wire

I know how to make the mechanic, lasers, slow down the player while inside when leaving stop slow, how would I make the prop barbed wire, and whoever makes it, maybe make a guide on it


You can use metal poles and tilt them to make a spiral, then line it with lasers and zones that a wired to speed modifiers.

You can, and it will not be hard to do so.

Could you send a picture, mainly of the spiral

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Not the right shape, would not look great.

Sure give me a few moments.

take all the time you need

You can make lasers be made invisible by making the laser black. For the look of the barbed I think making a plate transparent might work.

I was going to do that, not the plate, fun fact, while editing, don’t make it completely black, make it a light black, so you can still see it

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For the laser?

Ok so rough draft, but this is the jist of it.
Screenshot 2023-11-27 10.11.16 AM