How would I make a... status? (Making Sol's RNG help)

Here I am again, asking for help with Sol’s RNG, despite not even starting yet.
I’m pretty sure I can just use the Fishtopia RNG system for rolling, but how would I make a system that lets someone keep their aura? I’m obviously not going to make a whole SAVE file, so of course I’m going to wipe their auras, but how would I equip their current auras after they roll them?


please don’t reply if it’s not helpful to the topic.

soooo this sounds like you would need a property (well of course you need a property ._.)
but from what I’m understanding here is you need an optimized version of a save file system?

I’m thinking that you’re using a randomizer when they roll their aura, so make it broadcast on a channel that activates the aura, does that make sense?
(Edit: I just saw your other post, this isn’t what you want, let me check something)


oh wait you need to keep the auras after they roll them now I understand so you need a way to save the rolled aura into the players erm lets say pseudo inventory this would require
true/false properties along with that rng system you made

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I’m specifically NOT making a save file system due to the sheer amount of suffering coding I would have to do. So I’m not making a save file.

yeh just realized that lol anyways this seems simple enough just make the supposed randomizer make a player scoped true/false property change to true via a trigger that responds to a channel the randomizer sends out on

@Coolcaden26 basically, your going to want to make your RNG broadcast on a channel depending on the aura that you have, (Maybe assign each a number, letter , or word) then make the property (Player scoped named something like “Player Aura” or something) change it’s value to the Aura’s Number/Letter/Word using a trigger that triggers on the channel. And basically you have your “ShowOff” Zone, so make an overlay activate when the player steps into the zone. And make the overlay text something like:
“Show off your aura”. And When the player pushes that button, it triggers either a trigger or a checker to check what aura the property equal, it then broadcasts on the channel depending on the aura to show that players aura. Does this make sense?

I can definitely try this, I’ll leave this open for now.

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