How would I make a pew pew system in space invaders

Well I was trying to make space invaders and I got the game set up, but I’m a little confused. I have it where you can move from square-to-square by clicking a button. I have a button separating the player from the sentrys. And if a sentry hits the barriers it will end the Mini game and bring the player to the lobby. How would I make it so you can press a button and it will pew pew a sentry? I cant just make a button press and the sentry deactivates because the sentry’s will be moving back and forth. Any help?

I cannot not say sh00ting so pew pew means sh00ting

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I actadentally forgot.

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Instead of making the sentries move, what if you make the player move constantly through a teleporter chain and allow them to press a button that activates a zone, if the player goes into zone 1, they stop moving for a short while and are able to shoot the sentry, so on and so forth.

well in the real game the little ships are moving back and forth. So it would not be realistic if I did that.

yeah, i understand
you can try animating the sentries back and forth (and but barriers in between them so the player can’t cheat)
and just have the player move in that direction (place barriers so they won’t go out of bounds)
the thing is that sentries don’t carry health over if you were to animate them and if the animation finished, a partly damaged sentry would be reset back to full health so it could be fixed by giving them 1 HP.

maybe what I can do is I can make three stages, left right and middle. and for every three stages of a slide left right I have a counters that targets are set to 1. and when one is deactivated it will count a count on a counter which makes all three stages soft it deactivate. and do that to every sentry. that will make a working moving system so when one is knocked out it wont come back.

but the question is the sh00ting system.

have the button broadcast on a channel that deactivates all the sentries?

that wont work