How would I make a norse mythology map

I just need designs for characters and map

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make a ruined temple with some of the stone stuff

I don’t know much about Norse mythology so…

norse mytholigy has Thor and Odin related things

Make SURE you have a boat of some kind! (also, maybe make the peaceful dimension w/ the dwarves have purple trees!)

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Ohhhh. Make a throne room for the royalty

You are cooking up some good ideas

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this is not off topic.

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make a bunch of something like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-01 3.32.26 PM
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Bit from my map for ideas:

Wait! In the weapon shop, you can call the Evil eye, Odin’s lost Eye! ( i’m not saying to rename it, but to have a sign for saying "Buy …"ect.)

Norse Mythology? Maybe you could just check out some ideas and make slight references to them with little things dispersed around the map, like a hammer behind a rock, or two ravens near Odin (if you put him in the game)

Not sure if this is allowed, but if you need some info, you could find some ideas here:


Norse mythology - Wikipedia