How Would I go about Making A System That Restores a Selected Player to be revived Among Us

Hello! I have another question, I have an Among Us Mode, where when a player dies, instead of going to spectator, They teleport to a minigame.
Notherless, I’ve added a secret where you can unlock a key! This key will allow you to head to another area to bring a player back from the Minigame to Skeld, in essence reviving Them.
How would I make something like this?
Please help

First of all, a lifecycle would be used for “knockout” and wired to a teleporter. Then, place the teleporter in your mini game. (I think)

Would that Allow One Player to teleport back from the minigame area? To The Skeld??
"if Possible I’d like to have the players run into something that teleports them or press a button so it’s first come first serve luck.

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I believe you could also have a team switcher wired to a knockout and swap the players on the team and set a spawn to game only and when they finish the mini game swap them to one of the playing teams. I just thought of this so it most likely isn’t a solution but I want to try and help.

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Thanks’ for the Idea But Sadly I need it to only happened once,
And Team Switcher Kills Everyone always due to a bug, so that wouldn’t help
In a Central Idea, I want them to be able to travel to the minigame area, and allow a Pass voted out Player to exit, as well as the player who had entered from the start, then close, like a wormhole of some sort, I know it’s possible since gimkit is crazy adaptable.
Thanks’ for in and any all help!

Make the button that they click to respawn:
When button clicked transmit on: Deactivate button.
Deactivate button when receiving on: Deactivate button

I figured out a way it works with another guide thanks for trying guys :slight_smile:

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