How would I even start about doing this?

Ok, So here is the deal, I need help with making the story line of MHA in Gimkit. I think it would be really cool.
But, I don’t know how I would start it off and ideas?
(also technically I’m a big fanboy, but not a weird one…)
MHA–My Hero Academia (for those of you who don’t know.)
You guys can give me ideas… but I ran out of replies for 2 hours…

Imma be honest, but I have no idea

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I would suggest animation, but that sounds crazy. Is there a video game that you could remake?

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Outline all of the locations you want. Use popups for dialogue set to a banner. Maybe check rpg for some other things but add mha aspects.

If you’re trying to make a big game, I would post a big trailer with some gameplay and animation on yt. But it has to be like the best GKC game ever if you want to do that lol

It’s simple, read the whole entire manga, watch the whole entire anime, both in japanese and english, analyze the whole entire lore and then bo om that’s how you find out the first episode


Tbh, idk. I have no idea what that is or what would be in it. Sorry I can’t help! :smile_cat:

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