How would i be able to connect one hatch to another to teleport?

I a trying to figure out how to connect them but i had no success. can someone help?

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Place down two hatches. put them in different areas.
set their collision to off.
Place a teleporter on one of the hatches. set it to not visible in game. give it group hatch1, and set it to teleport to a teleporter with group hatch2. put another teleporter on the other hatch and do the same settings, however set the group to hatch2 and the target group to hatch1 that time.
Note: the teleporters you place will be a layer under the hatch so place it next to the hatch and then change the size of the hatch and move it on top of the teleporter after you set the teleporter settings.
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thank you @Thats_Gimpossible.

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