How would combat available?

I began working on a horror game with combat approximately 1 to 2 weeks ago. The game features multiple endings and choices, but I wanted to incorporate some fighting endings. However, I seem to have forgotten how to do so. I am confident in my ability to add choices and endings, but I am not as skilled in implementing combat… (also sorry if grammar mistakes I’m still learning English)

If you want melee combat, we currently have a version where only one team can attack the other. If you want ranged, there’s lots of gadgets/guns.


Are there any necessary devices that I can use to solve the problem correctly? I am confident that I can figure it out with the right devices.

What is happening here?

Tag Zone could work possibly

What sort of combat do you want?

you could have a dash kind of thing

With a tag zone that activates

For melee weapons.

Sentry vs player I think I know how to make the sentry follow the player

Use a item granter.

Ok so make the player have a gun using an item granter.

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A guide on gadgets.

Thank you I will try this!


Good Luck on your game!

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