How to you make refills on a gadget starting at zero amo

Right now, the weapon starts with 20 amo, and I need it to start at 0 amo! Please help me asap! Merry Christmas!


I have been pondering this too but I think If you use some block code it may work

Does using a negative item granter at the start work?

does that even exist though?

Nope, I’ve tried that before. It looks like the ammo is built-in since it doesn’t seem to show in the inventory when you obtain a gadget.

@Gimkitsuggestor Yes, you can remove items by putting a negative amount in an item granter.

So overall, I don’t think it’s possible for now. Does it greatly affect your game? If so, can you describe why so we can think of an alternative?


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  1. It’s spelled Ammo, not Amo.
  2. It’s spelled A.S.A.P., not asap

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it greatly affects the game because the among us kill button needs a cooldown

You can try either of these.

  1. Use a quantum portal since it only has one ammo

  2. Use a tag zone system instead
    How to make killing for Among Us (Difficulty: 🟧)

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than you but I found that the negative item granter works best

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I don’t think the negative item granter can take away ammo that comes with the gadget the last time I checked, it works for you?

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