How to use 'triggering player' block?

I’m trying to make a game where you have a different role, and it shows you who has the role.
ex. if the role was ‘king’, the name of the person who claimed it would be shown in a game Overlay or stored in a property. How do I do this?

I tried using a trigger and the code,

“Set property (WHATEVER) to
‘Triggering player’'s name”. But it doesn’t work, and I want to fix this

Make sure the property is a text property and not a number one.

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it is a text property.

well yeah triggering players name seems to be having a bug recently as shown in most help and bug posts so maybe email and maybe raise awareness of this bug

even if I used it without a property and straight to a pop-up or Overlay, it only shows a blank

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ok thanks for the suggestion

:frowning: I was already ticked off bc a guide I spent 2 hrs on didn’t save bc of my clumsiness…

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