How to use the teleporter

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Hi, a teleporter is relatively easy to use!

Set down 2 teleporters.

I set up a ‘A’ and a ‘B’ for this example.
The goal is to teleport from ‘A’ to this ‘B’, and its really simple!

Click on ‘A’ to open the editor.
Fill it in sort of like this

For further explaination, Group is the name of “Portal A” Or the portal you will enter at first.
Target group is the portal you will teleport to.
You also need to edit portal ‘B’ with the same logic.

Then click the play button, and test it out!
Hope this helps!!!

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Thanks alot for the explanation. :smile:

Your so welcome! Feel free to ask anything else, im here to help! (Infact, theres a whole server out here to help :smiley: )

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