How to use the inventory item manager?

Hello, I am a beginner in CREATIVE GIM KIT, and I need to limit the number of snowball launchers that each participant can have to 1. I tried placing the inventory item manager device but it doesn’t work. Help me, please.

do you want them to be able to hold med kits, shield cans, and/or flags?

Make sure it is active when the game starts. If that still doesn’t work, try connecting a lifecycle device set to game start to it.

Well, not at the moment, I just want to know how to make the inventory manager device work correctly because the participants can get several snowball launchers and I only want them to have a maximum of 1

I’ll try the life cycle thing, but how do I make sure that the device inventory manager is active?

well, if the inventory item manager doesn’t work, what i was thinking is you could make your settings able to hold one gadget, it is in the map options, it should be something about slots to hold consumable items and gadgets

It is in the “Behavior” settings

Well I have placed 4 slots for the inventory, that each slot is used for an article
different and not that the inventory is filled with the same article. So I want to limit the amount of an item each player can have

That device is very buggy. Some people are able to deactivate it via wires and others don’t see that option at all. I’m with the majority that don’t see that option so I don’t know if there is a way to keep it deactivated when the game starts. Check in its settings. If you don’t see that option, use the lifecycle to activate it.

What do you mean?

How do you obtain more snowball launchers? If it is only possible to obtain one, you don’t need the item manager.

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If you already tried that configuration but it doesn’t work for me

Indeed I have configured that part too

You don’t need the manager then, as it is already impossible to hold more than one gadget.

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if you have it then you don’t need an inventory item manager

Ok, I’ll try the lifecycle and come back to comment if there was a solution, thanks a lot everyone.

There are some cases where you don’t need an item manager at all. Since you configured the setting so you can only hold one item, you don’t need the manager.

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I have configured the inventory in 4 slots, only I do not want the player to be able to have several items of the same type in his inventory as shown in the image

Is there any way to obtain the snowball launcher more than once?

then why did you say this, i am confused