How to use gridsnap (i know im clueless)

so im a bit new to grid snap in gkc and i have no idea how to use it so…

So a higher gridsnap number means it goes in larger increments, and a smaller smaller increments

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It’s in your settings and It makes it easier to align and puts everything on a grid (as the name says I guess)

Gridsnap just puts everything you place onto a grid, meaning it’s difficult to have misaligned stuff

Basically its for like, placing props.
also what @CassiusDoomlorde said.

You can also enable a grid the size of your gridsnap so then you can see it

and also the number is the #of pixels it snaps to

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oki but how would you get it to do a right angle snap like what number would u have to input?

right angle is for turning and that’s different. hold shift while rotating in the change size menu for a prop or device

then you rotate in like 12.25 degree increments

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