How to use a checker as a dead body in among us

So I’m helping to make an amongus map, right? And right now, the dead body system is like so: When someone dies, they drop a ticket. If someone picks up said ticket, the checker will detect it and call a meeting on who the imposter is. However, the checker does not work. Does anyone know how to do this?

You could use an inventory item manager set to the tickets, and make it so it updates a property when the ticket is collected. Then make a block system that detects when the property is 1, and calls a meeting.

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Can you show me?

Also, why don’t checkers work?

I’m pretty sure the checkers don’t work because they only check when receiving a signal, they don’t constantly check.

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Give me a moment, I’ll try.

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But if you use a repeater to constantly do this?

Have an inventory manager that manages the dead body item. Then, have the manager update a property. In the property, have it broadcast on a channel when it updates. This channel will then be broadcasted on when the dead body item is picked up.

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Yeah, that’ll work.

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But I did find that checkers do work when using a repeater, wonder why it didn’t work for you.

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@WhoAmI , is this resolved?

Have a lifecycle game start run one checkHave the checker when check failed broadcast “check fail” Have when receive “check fail” run test

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