How to use 2FA to keep your forum account safe

I made this guide because nobody knows how to do this.

If you want your forum account to be secure, there is something known as 2-factor authentication.

In order to access this menu, enter your password.

Adding an authenticator app is easy, as long as you have a mobile device.

If you add an authenticator , it will prompt you to scan a QR code. You can also type it in manually.
Then, go to your authenticator app and add the code. Scan/Type in your code. Then, set your account name to whatever you wish to call it.
Submit. Then, quickly type the 6-digit code in the forum and confirm, and 2FA has been activated.

You can also use a physical security key if you have one, which can be found online for cheap. Or, you can use your device as a security key. That can be another way to protect your account.

Use backup codes! These are in-case you don’t have access to your authentication app. If you don’t, and you lose your authentication app, you will be locked out.

How it works:
After inputting your password, you will be prompted to enter your code or put in your security key. This helps protect your account from attackers. If you don’t have those, you can use backup codes instead.


Nice guide on how to keep an account safe. This should come in handy for a LOT of new users.


Nice Guide!
I thought the title was a pun until I saw the end lol.



2fa is really powerful in general (it stopped about 15 accounts from getting breached during three account breach incidents in a game i play)

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Nice guide! This is helpful!

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Hello fellow humans! It is I, The Great Papyrus! Thank you for teaching me the art of “2FA”. I find it very useful!


Isn’t this off-topic as it doesn’t have anything to do with GKC?

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What is “GKC” ? Is it a type of game?

GKC mean Gimkit Creative.

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Thank you, @Magenta_Dragon! I’ll try and do my best to keep these “fo-rumms” going!


Gimsolver it is tips to keeping your account from being hacked. Its fine.


But it’s off-topic.
Has nothing to do with GKC.

Just don’t flag it. Its pretty helpful and is not hurting anyone.

Thanks! You’ll get it also soon! I think.

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Okay, fine.

Congrats on Regular


The spoiler text is not related to the topic.


Maybe this could be a psa? (probably not)

Nice idea but Jeffo said:

Avoid posting PSAs or FAs! These topics are allowed, but we are going to take a pause on them, due to them being repetitive and cluttering up the forum

So they were aloud, but now we can’t use them anymore because of cluttering and repetitive posting of them


Actually, psa guides are still allowed as long as they correlate to Gimkit Creative and they are not the repeative forum psas we keep making

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Ohhh cool thanks :+1:

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