How to turn a prop into a button

I need to know how to transform a platform into a button. Please answer As Soon As Possible. if there is any questions, let me know

1: Can you please elaborate?

2: (Prop) Prop Made Hidden > Activate Button?

3: You can’t transform buttons into an item.
You can use a Game Overlay button though so it always stays in the corners of your screen.

(Button) Button Pressed > (Item Granter) Grant Item?

a prop is what I meant to say! sorry for the confusion.

Do you want to turn a prop into a button?

Is that what you mean?

yes, that is what I mean! Again, Sorry for the confusion

Do note you also need something to hide the prop as well for it to work.

Do you mean for the prop to work like a button?

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yes I do mean that!!!

You can just hide it under a button or use a banner popup with a call-to-action


Yeah, just put a button underneath/over the prop you want.


Make the button not visible in game and place it on a prop.

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It is impossible to turn a button into an item. you can use what Haiasi or wingwave sent you. Remember to mark a solution if your question is answered @Pandax44_Pando44. :white_check_mark:

for a second when I saw the title I thought it said “how to turn into a button” phew it wasn’t actually, Be sure to mark a solution if you found an answer!


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