How to teleport everyone in a zone to one place

How do you teleport everyone in a zone into one single area, but if you are in the other zone, you are safe?

Put teleporters in the room and link them all to one in another place.

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But what I want is that at the end of the time, if you are in this zone, when someone presses a button, everyone in that zone is teleported away.

All at once

Make a true/false property called inZone with a scope of player. When you enter the zone, it becomes true, when you leave the zone, it becomes false. When the button is pressed, if it’s true, you teleport.

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How would you change the property with the zone?

Also, how would you make a majority based on the number of players? Player counter connected to variable?

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Blocks. When you enter, it runs a wire pulse block that says:

set property: inZone

and the opposite block when you leave.