How to teach GKC to someone else

So, IRL, I’m a terrible teacher. I volunteered to teach my coding teacher about GKC (he said he was interested), but I have no idea on how to properly teach it. Could we come to an agreement on how to properly teach this game so that you don’t have to go through 8 months of GKC to learn?

FYI: I know that there were multiple attempts to do this with stuff like Gimcourse (not the forum), but I get an insane amount of 1-on-1 with him, so something that isn’t online based would be nice. Thanks!


(rare moment of ClicClac asking for help)

It took me like 4 months to get to where I’m now, but maybe you can teach him every device, what it does, it’s uses, and a demonstration using the device.

Teach him the trigger and property first I’ll say though.

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That’s good and all (in fact, I DID teach him the trigger first), but a lot of things will get missed trying to do that alone. Like, when would I teach CPT?

How in depth are you going?

Teach the basics of block code, and some decisions when building, like wires vs channels, then get into more complex ideas with all youve done. Like if you’ve taught trigger, counter, and property, how to change a property with a trigger. (forgive my slow typing on mobile)

As far as I can. If he can become a new GKC master, he can teach it as part of his coding course.

Having GKC as part of an actual course would be amazing.


He already knows how to code. He is a coding teacher. I did have to teach him triggerloops though.

Make it centered around problem solving, so your teacher gets where everything comes from.


Then, teach the capabilities of the gim, and how you can modify as part of possible upgrades.

Alright- start with a few devices, and chain them together using wires and channels. Introduce properties and block code. Then start going in depth about the nuances of gimkit, like counter based systems, AUO, qmechs, etc. after that, maybe display technology?


You forgot all about scope…


Idk I guess I’m trying to say start with basics and stuff that is really close to normal coding, then move to the more unique things.

I constantly do- I never use it lol

I’ll check this later, I’ll help how I can. Bye.

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It can go like this.

The Trigger [device name]

[description] The trigger is one of the most useful devices in GKC. It’s a powerhouse for block code, a trusty transmitter, and can even delay sending out channels!

[give demonstration of using trigger]

[give 1 challenge you need to solve using trigger]

[give more difficult challenge using trigger]

Maybe it can be formatted like that? But it must be really in depth, so I’m not much help if I don’t even know what CPT is, lol.

OMG, okay, so use the forums TUG guides to help.
Also, first explain how wires, and blocks work. (wait, if they have a acount they can go through the tutorial (and get a blueprint skin))

I mean the way that I taught my sister was to first let her see the description of each devices, then let her choose the devices that she didn’t understand and built something with to explain.

Instead of presenting everything as facts, tell them to try and solve the problem. Make the problems scale up.

YOu can guide them through the tutorial?
That was how i learned irl