How to take down entire game (ending game edition)

If you are lucky enough to get the editing of a map and you want to take down the map this is the guide:
(i am not responsible for your consequences)
I am using my test world for this

  1. go to the VERY edge of the map where the land stops generating and walk about 10 steps out to make it annoying

  2. place a end game and a 4 thing to send a message to the end game
    im using a checker here

  3. after you changed the checker (it can be other devices that give the end game information) you use a wire to connect these two

  4. fiddle around you can send messages before you take down the game


delete this post if you want to gimkit staff
idk i am bored

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the checker doesn’t work that good
so suggest using a lifecycle or somethig else

also you can connect the end game prompt to buttons, vending machines and more.
After rigging the devices you can hide the end game behind other props and things

why would you want to take a game down anyway?

idk just something i discovered

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