How to take a better screenshot for your Gimkit Maps

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This is actually really, REALLY helpful! People should do this more. Mind rewording the title a little though??

Alright, done and done.

Alright, thanks. That made users be able to know what it’s about better. :slight_smile:

Honestly, this is what I needed.
I always have to shorten my screenshot to cut out the game c0de.
This gets a like from me!

Thanks, glad to see that my guide is helpful. The like is much appreciated.

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Ooo nice i can finally easily finish my map of my map!

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Guides about this has been made multiple times. This can easily be flagged, just saying.

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Maybe you could add onto it to show how to make a big-scale map, like how people show their entire map in 1 picture.
(I don’t know how to do it, so don’t ask me)

Ahhh… I’m sorry, I never knew that. My bad, just trying to be helpful.

You don’t, unless you zoom out with mods.


Yes @Undertale yiu might want to credit this people.


i just flagged it because the less topics about the same thing there are the easier it is to find something

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I can get that
just note you don’t always need to make a guide a great way to help is just answer people’s questions