How to switch your weapon from anywhere

Negative means item granter that takes away positive means item granter that gives
So first here are the things you need (pretend you only have 2 weapons) (say you have 1 slot)
-Item Granter
-Game Overlay
-Wire Repeater
So what you need to do is name your Game Overlay something like Weapon. Then make it so when you click the overlay you open the popup. The Primary Call to Action should be the weapon the the Secondary should be Next. Lets say I use Zapper and Wooden Wand. So for my first on I will name it Zapper and next. Then hook the Primary to a item granter. Set the item granter to grant safe amount. I will put 1 zapper item granter, -1 zapper item granter, -1 wooden wand item granter. Now hook all the -1’s to the Zapper popup. Then hook a wire repeater to the same zapper popup (all this is primary) and set the time to 0.1. Then hook the wire repeater to the 1’s item granter and repeat. You may need more item granters if you have more weapons. Also secondary call to actions will always be next, and if it is at the end loop it to the first one.
Here are all the pictures
Wire Repeater x2

Game Overlay

Popup 1

Popup 2

Item Granters Positives

Item Granters Negatives

Wires 1 x2

Wires 2 x2


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