How to switch from 4 ways to DLD ingame

so I trying to make sans undertale but their one problem. IDK HOW TO MAKE 4 ways switch to don’t look down without having to leave to make a new map so how do I switch ingame at certain points. of the map.

what do you mean 4 ways? Do you mean switch from Platformer to Top Down style modes? So nope you cant

You can’t switch from Top Down to Platformer mid game, sorry.

4 ways is refering to top down, since you can move… you guessed it, 4 ways.

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yeah thats what i was going to say but its not like super clear.

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do you know how in Undertale when you have your red heart you can move anywhere like 4 ways but blue u can jump like DLD? yeah I want to do it like that like switch it but if there no way then aww man.

yeah there is no way because they are different modes.

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