How to share a map for students to play asynchronously?

I’ve only pinged here twice in the past 5 months… [1]

  1. Sorry for pinging everyone. ↩︎

you pinged 10 people

it’s just annoying when someone pings “here” when a solution is already marked (and it’s already annoying sometimes when not)

anyways the solution is marked, stop replying

only ping here when its something everyone needs to see

I pinged 7

(referring to fersion)I’m so happy that my ‘organization’ doesn’t have that. Hopefully it doesn’t add anything.
Glad to help! Like I said before, you can try hosting normally. Now that I see the log-in thing though, I don’t know if normal joining makes you log-in too.

Hey guys, I think we helped Mr. Gartman, so why don’t we go and solve some different problems instead of continuing to post stuff here?


no (i wish yes)

they’re still continuing their yapping session with pinging

this closes in 3h after the last reply
can we let it?

I pinged here because I got the link to work, and I thought it would help solve the problem. If I scrolled down I would see the problem already solved. Sorry everyone.

Btw @Blackhole927, did you read my response to the Gimkit Awards recommendation thing? It’s a question I have for next year that only you can answer because it’s kind of a request. I would ask in the Gimkit Awards post, but its locked.

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