How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: 🟩

I like this idea, but I based the guide text off of among us and I can’t edit the guide text anymore.

People at trust level 3 can edit it

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No, the guide text.

Oh nvm

I shoot the player with the Evil Eye but when they die, I also die.

Um, you shouldn’t be using weapons for among us. Use this instead:

If they want to use weapons, it’s slightly easier now due to the killing feed being able to be removed. There’s still a chance the imposter misses though, so I would say tagging is still better.


Thats what I used, but I think I’m having a problem that when I go in everyone can kill. Of course when I play it’s only me so I may be getting imposter always

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I tried doing this and it didn´t work could I please have some help fixing it?


Could I see the setting for the wires and devices?


Credits to @blackhole927

I could not thank you enough. I just published a deathrun map and could not figure out how to make just one player the killer for the life of me.


Ok, this helped, but what about voting?

There are other guides for that. voting has some guides for it.

honestly the gimkit gims are just like

  1. take the among us character
  2. remove the visor helmet and give it eyes
  3. make it 15% fatter
  4. incorporate it into an educational game

Gimkit existed a year before Among Us did though…

yeah, but i believe 2d mode came out a bit later, id say around 2021 or 2022 (fishtopia)

Josh did say that inspiration was taken from Among Us in terms of character design.