How to score for Attack/Defend Map

I am working on a TF2 Attack/Defend style map, and I’m confused on how to Score the teams at the end of the games, I already have the capture points set up

Wdym??? I need more context

Like what is your score

The property name or something else?

What does it track ( the score)

I remember seeing a post about this. Let me search for it

Also make sure in map options your score is set to the property you are using.

If Team 2 has captured all of Team 1’s 3 control points, if you click on “TF2 Attack/Defend” it links to the TF2 wiki that goes into detail on what that game mode is

Oh, so you want it to show up on the leaderboard at the end of the game and show the team ranking?

Ok. Use a property to check how many points they have captured. Then use a checker or blocks to check if it is above a certain amount.

Do the check when the timer ends.

Yes, Team 1 wins if Team 2 doesn’t have all control points

Then, use end of game widgets that activate/ deactivate depending on the result

Actually, don’t use capture points as the score. Set the score to something like won/lost

If that’s the case, place a property device. Set the property to something like “points.” Set the property type to “number.” In the counter i mentioned for the point set up, click on the property tab and set the property to “point.” In the map options, click on the score tab and set the score to track that property.

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