How to rename items if possible

Idl if u can so uh pls help

Yes i am trying to recreate roblox doors in gimkit but thats another topic

I don’t think you can make doors, but you can place an object (props, or walls) and have something to teleport you across the prop or wall.

Im only trying to rename items rn

or you could just put in a prop that looks somewhat like a door, and make it so you can walk through the prop.

You cant rename items. You can rename sentries tho.

You can rename items. When you click on a prop or device there is a name in the top left corner. You can chnage it.

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Bruh. All i wanted was to make my blaster a crucifix

REALLY? Wow, I didn’t know that.

u cant. sorry.

WHAT??? I didnt know you could do that!

Oh thats realy helpful thx

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wow! It’s true! I just tried it.

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what ? why did u put that in?

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