How to recreate Flee The Facility {WIP}

Hoi this is a wip so pls ask for editing permission if you don’t :skull_and_crossbones:
Anyways I felt bored today so I decided why not recreate Flee The Facility


Flee The Facility is a game where you try to escape by hacking computers there is one person who is a beast trying to stop you.


As Flee the facility has a lobby we should have one so using terrain make it like this:

I’m too lazy to explain just try to make it

Computer Part

So for the computer we can just use this
Screenshot 2024-03-06 7.57.16 PM and next for the coding. Devices Needed:

Freezing Players

We don’t use the Wip tag anymore…

Why is there a tag for this?
Screenshot 2024-03-06 6.50.23 PM

then what do we use?

just put {WIP} on the title

I created I can right?

But when will we use it, besides for this one guide?

why is this a wiki?

I think so that they have more time to edit, but IDK


well I might not work on it for a while and by a while I mean a long timeeeeee

didn’t we already mention that making unneeded tags was, well… unneeded?
plus, this guide doesn’t really have much, i would recommend saving it to your drafts before posting.
anyhow, im excited to see this finished, flee the facility was one of my favorite games back in the day.


I have no idea

Yeah but I need to post to other posts

I’m going to remove the tag, it’s kind of unneeded.

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you should wait until there are more guides and hold a vote
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flee the facility is not a huge thing

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yea sure I should put that up there

I’m going to edit. So it okay

What does WIP mean???

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