How to put text on a sign (or anything)

This is a frequently asked question, so I made it into a guide.

For Signs

  1. Get your text device out.
  2. Add your text.
  3. Get your sign. Place the sign wherever you wish.
  4. Layer the text over the sign.

For anything else

  1. Get the prop you wish to put the text over, then put it wherever you wish.
  2. Layer the text over the prop you placed in step 3.

Nice mini-guide @twofoursixeight

Nice guide @twofoursixeight !


This might get flagged for being to short. The guide is helpful, but in the long run, if you know how to layer you’ve probably figured out how to put text anywhere.

This guide is most likely for basic users who use Gimkit Creative.

Then it should be labeled as something like a “New user must read,” not just a mini-guide, right?