How to prevent a team from picking up items (Difficulty: 3/10 🟩)

Actually, it’s not. We’re supposed to be talking about how to prevent a team from picking up items.

Make it difficulty 2/10

probably 4/10 or 3/10 because of the fact that it would be hard for new gkc users

ill do 3/10 because overall its not that hard to follow

Also, maybe pictures would make this better.

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yeah, i was in a bit of a rush when originally making it, and it also is my first guide

Nice! Next time make sure to take your time, that way you don’t feel stressed.

okay, ill make sure to next time. theres a few other things i could make some simple guides on, so im going to go do that now.

Make sure to not make your guides to simple, or it could get flagged.

oh, i didn’t know that. do you think a guide on how to make a 1 time use button is too simple?

Yes. If people want to know something like that, they could ask in a “help” topic.

No it was a misunderstanding before you informed me they were starting it in january. My mistake.

That’s a stretch. No, GKC updates go in the updates section. I’m sure you wouldn’t want a Community Made Guide in the Help section.

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