How to prevent a team from picking up items (Difficulty: 3/10 đźź©)

Ok, this is my first guide, so I hope I do this alright.

I have had trouble in the past with this, so I decided that I should post it.

Step 1:
Place a lifecycle. Have it trigger on game start.

Step 2:
Place a relay. Have it relay all players on a specific team. Wire the lifecycle to the relay.

Step 3:
Place an item granter. Have it grant 1 of whatever item you are using. Wire the relay to the item granter.

Step 4:
Place an inventory item manager. Make the limit 1 for whatever item you are using. Make sure it isn’t active on game start, otherwise it will be for multiple teams. Wire the relay to the inventory item manager.

Step 5:
Go into game options. Go to the items section, and turn resource (or whatever category the item is in) drops off.

Congratulations! You have now prevented a team from picking up items. You can repeat from step 3 as many times you need to (This is if you use multiple items).


Nice guide! I don’t think anybody has created a topic under “community made guides” yet, so to this I say
GodSpawnKing’s approval :white_check_mark:

welcome to the forums…
nice guide!
(though no hate intended…isn’t there in map settings a dropped item visibility scope? where you can set it visible by player, team, or global?)

People. Please read what you wrote before posting. You spelled your own name wrong.


I don’t think so… If there was I don’t think he would post a guide for it. Also I corrected my mistake. My bad! :sweat_smile:

yes at the bottom.
but this is a good guide for a alternate way…maybe for specific items? so normally its global visibility, but for specific items only your team can see it.

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Huh. I feel dumbfounded.

I think he wants it so that the other teams can see it, but can’t pick it up.

shouldnt this be on community made guides? because devices is usually for flagged and off topic posts to be marked solution.

Yes, this should be on community made guides. Nevermind, somebody changed it.

also kind of off topic…whats going on with the dld mechanics??
because it was supposed to be early january added…its late february…
at this point give up and add movable sentries…we also really want this…
and as big of a update as dld mechanics.

technically there are movable sentries lol

in creative

Uh… no. There was never a release date specified. People just assumed it would be soon, when in reality it’s a large task that’s going to take a while.

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wolftech told me josh said it was planned to be finished early january.

anyways lets get back on topic…my bad…we dont need more clutter

This is news to me- as far as I know josh only mentioned it in the discord. @WolfTechnology?

Guys, let’s get back on topic.

this is technically on topic as it’s speaking about gkc updates

what difficulty should i make this?