How to Play - I'm posting it here because it is a lot and I will need to edit it over time - DON'T REPLY

Mansion: The main mansion is where you spawn at and this is where you can sleep, eat, and farm.

Cafe: This is where you can buy food to get your hunger up.

Cafe - Work: You make food and get money when you are done. More than one person can work here.

Vet: YOU HAVE TO CLICK (OPEN CLINIC) FOR THE VET TO WORK. More than one person cannot be in the vet at the same time either. IT WILL NOT WORK. If this game gets a lot of plays, then I will make it so more people can be in vet at the same time.

Farming: This essentially works like the Farmchain farming system except as soon as you collect the crop, it automatically sells. YOU CAN ONLY HOLD 5 ITEMS IN THE INVENTORY, so be careful because if you buy a seed and you don’t have enough room, you wasted your money.

Library: The library is where you can get skills, each skill can be leveled up 5 times. There are 4
different skills, Logic, Creativity, Handiness, and . When you max the skill to level 5, you will get 1000 dollars.

Neighborhood: The neighborhood is where you can buy houses *still in progress.

Hunger and Sleep/Energy: Hunger is being a bit buggy so you don’t really have to worry about it, but when you run out of energy, you will become a spectator. If you do want to worry about it, you can get Hunger by going to the cafe or going to any of the kitchens in any of the houses *including the mansion. You can get sleep/energy up by going to any bed and you click sleep.

Cars/Wagon: You go to the cars and click go somewhere to go to the places, there is a car at all places.

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