How to play a kit and understand what the forum is

hi i need help on how to playkits. also what is the forum? and why is it a thing (not in a rude way) ? and how to become apart of it

In the questioner device, there is a place to post the URL of a kit. Make sure your kit’s published for it to work.

This forum is a place to learn, grow, and communicate about Gimkit Creative, and only Gimkit Creative. If you begin to grow off-topic about subjects, it will not be tolerated and you will be flagged.

Are you trying to make a creative mode or make a new kit? The forum is for were you as questions on how to build or how to do something related to GKC. And to be a part you just have to create an account and help other users, thats it. You can also make guides to help others and give them ideas.

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If you need a better understanding or have more questions, be sure to ask anyone, and for more complex questions, ask @trust_level_3 users, they would know.

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It’s @trust_level_3, and please do not say that. Anyone can help, as this is a community forum.


I know, im just saying for difficult questions, ill refrase that.