How to place weapons on the gound

if anyone has Discord and is in the gimkit channel, send the gimkit emojis as a comment.

You can’t place weapons on the ground, but you can do something like place down two sentries on different teams, have one kill the other, and have the killed sentry drop a weapon, then deactivate the sentry that kills the other one.

Or you could just use an item spawner.

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would the gimkit emojis from discord work?

Adding from what mysz said, you could add a button, and a prop of your choice, most preferrably a box. Now add a sentry with settings of 100 health, 0 shield. Now click the three dots and go to all options. Set “active on game start” to no. Simply copy the sentry but change the second sentry team to a different team of the first sentry and change, make it drop any item of your choice and set it’s health to 1. Now for the wiring. (You can do it in any order.
Button Pressed > Hide prop
Button Pressed > Activate Sentry (Sentry with 100 Health)
Button Pressed > Activate Sentry (Sentry with 1 Health)
Sentry Knocked out (Sentry with 1 Health,) > Deactivate Sentry (Sentry with 100 Health)


@Coffee Mark a solution, please!

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