How to only make a selected player walk on water

I want to have something in my game where there is one person that is it but that person is the only one to go on water and land. Others can only go on land.

you can use relays to deactivate a barrier for one or multiple people, set the scope on the barrier to player

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I’ll test it then mark my solution.

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It’s not working for me could you show with pics maybe Ive got something wrong?

is that person on their own team?

Put barriers around the water. Make sure all of them are player scoped, and all “Deactivate on channel waterGuy” or something.
Lifecycle > Relay (Random player) with the channel setting of that relay to “waterGuy”.

you should just be able to make a player have an item in their inventory and have a checker look for it. When its found a barrier lets the player past on to the water.

How do I make them player scoped?

should be in the settings.

Click on that barrier, go to the settings, select the scope as Player.

Ok I know how to player scope now.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 8.58.44 AM
Add a Lifecycle with these settings

Screenshot 2024-04-18 8.58.49 AM
Add a Relay with these settings

Wire them like this

Screenshot 2024-04-18 8.59.17 AM
Add a Barrier (All settings except the one above don’t matter)

Wire the Relay and the Barrier like this
Or use channels for multiple barriers

Your final result should look something like this

If they’re gonna use a bunch of barriers to block water, wiring would be tedious. I suggest using channels.

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