How to make Your World border more artistic

So i did this with my Game Terrain wars and since i feel like the world borders the most boring part of the map i thought of making it more “colorful”

Showing one idea here: theres stars around the world border i used barriers and i thought it turned out nice!

Another one that i have found looks nice is using The “Frozen Lake” and snow to make clouds

but it dosent really work out well
I hope this spruces up yalls maps and if you find different ones comment them!


Btw i also used emojis for the stars as well as barriers :large_blue_diamond: :blue_square:

this guide is amazing, I will defenetly use it.

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Wow nice guide! I like both ideas!

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This seems like it uses too much memory just to make a small thing look good

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Well it depends on what you use and i do agree but different methods are used for less memory

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this is a very short guide it might be flaged,

Short but good guide @Li1_reaper!

Why would sombody flag a simple tutorial on how to make the outside barriers of your game look nice? i feel like that would be just them being a jerk if they flagged it

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ok, sorry. i was just saying, i have been threatened to be flaged for a short guide

its alr sorry it kinda seemed like i was coming off mean at you didnt mean it like that

it’s fine now no more take about it of it will actually be flaged for of topice “turned into a chat”

on-topic on-topic on-topic on-topic

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