How to make Wires look clean and nice (NOT A SHOWCASE)

First things, Keep all your wired-up devices in line. This will keep the wires short, making it nice looking. Then if you keep them on an X-Axis, the wires can hide in other devices. Another thing with wires is if you use a system to make only one button activate when pressed, keep them similical. This can end up looking very cool, like this

Why should I care?
I am always told to add images to my guides, so this could help you look a bit more organized


5 seconds later
i think mine are a little… abstract.

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lol…noice guide!

I think mine are… far from abstract
Screenshot 2023-12-21 3.08.09 PM

Eh…I just decided to clean up my wires a bit since they were kinda messy.

Yeah mine might need a little cleaning…

that is very nice, if you have the popups linked together twice it looks nice

I personally like to keep them in a grid pattern, and if a wire is too long use a trigger

The Top one looks like a chairlift

it’s a zipline with a handle

Why was this flagged? Also, make sure to add the art.

Two reasons:

  1. It’s a showcase.

  2. Why would you need wire art in GKC?
    They’re only really useful in the pre-game phase/editing mode.

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mine might be a little… erm… discombobulated