How To Make Water (With out terrain)

I Want To Make A Puddle Of Water, But How Would I Do This?
The Best Bet Is Re-Coloring Moss, But It Does Not Look Like Water:
Any Way To Do This?


give me a min ill try

just recolor dirt smdgus and water terrain 1x1.

ok I’ll try that!

I tried that too for my game and it work so yeah it will work.

sand looks like goopy water

Is there any good rgb/hex codes I could use for water?
My Turn Out Like This:

i couldn’t get any good color for dirt

how about moss?
That is what is in the top left of the above photo

Let me test, try RBG 222, 244, 252

how about this 0 64 255
i moved the sand down how does it look now

Making water without terrain—
coloring its compatible partner—sand :beach_umbrella:
Cool idea!

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0, 132, 255 looks decent on moss.

Turns Out Lik This:
(Moss And Dirt)
But I Could Use The Sand Idea…

This?Screenshot 2024-02-28 10.57.34 AM
Screenshot 2024-02-28 10.57.58 AM

They Turn Out Like This:
I Like The Moss And Sand The Best

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with moss the water looks contimnated same for dirt sand looks less but its goopy and can look 3d ish

take away the shadow it make it look better

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Barriers kinda look good, but their shapes are unnatural

What about barriers? Like so

Screenshot 2024-02-28 11.00.42 AM

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