How to make vending Machines deactivated for EVERYONE [RESOLVED]

In my new map that I am making, I made a system to sell fish for higher prices if you purchased an upgrade. But the problem is, I set it to deactivated at the start of the game, But the people on team one can see it! I didn’t post this as a bug because I wondered If I did something wrong.

In my map, made it cooperative and then set a team switcher to send one random player to another team. But The problem is, The vending Machine is only deactivated for the player that was switched to team two, but the players on team one can access it

Could a genius tell me what to do?

I don’t see any issue. The inactive on game start setting should apply to everyone. Try connecting a lifecycle to your vending machine to deactivate. Also make sure to set the scope global.

@ haiasi, Set what’s scope to global

The vending machine’s.
It’s the only one with a scope settingl

okay I got it. btw, There are SO MANY WIRES

I just went to availability and changed the ones that were not supposed to be activated on game start to " not active on game start" but thank you for helping me.

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Okay thanks for your help @Haiasi

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