How to make vending machine logo

I want player to see that its a speed upgrade without text and show the speed person

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I don’t think this is a feature yet

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You have to use the text. Heres some emojis I used to show a speed upgrade: :running_man: :dash:


Look through the documentation to find out how to do this. There a spot for image on the vending machine.


use this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


bruh lol

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Change vending machine to transmit on channel. Go to all options and look for item image. In the text box type icons/Speed

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I cant find item image on the vending machine?

make the vending machine transmit on channel, then go to appearance and put this “icons/Speed”. there you go.

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do I put something on transmit on channel?

what do you mean put it on transmit on channel?

This is what I was thinking of. It’s sad but I’ve told so many people about that page everyone wants custom item icons…

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