How to make Vehicles (Prop art)

My first guide!!!
(Now I know I’m not the best at this, but this is just the most basic form of these and you can customize them as you wish.)
Start with any Circular Sheild you want for the tires

Next, make the bumpers with Concrete

For the main body of the car, you can choose whatever you want, I just used Green Plastic for this example

Now that the main body is done, you can add a windshield, doors, etc.

This starts the same way as the car. Add the Circular Shields for the tires.

This time, we skip the bumper step and go straight to the body

Same as before, it’s time for those small details
Sail Boat:
Yes, I know there is already a boat prop, but this is the prop ART of a boat.
First, the haul. The material I thought looked best for this was Boardwalk, but there are many other wood materials.

Now for a sailboat, you need a mast, if you’re not making a sailboat… I’m not sure what to say

As for the sail, I used Snow, but any white material can work

And that’s it! All of these SHOULD be pretty, but there are ways to customize each and make them look better. These are the most basic forms, so add to them as you wish!

I’m sorry, but there are a lot of guides that do vehicles already. We’re also trying to limit the amount of art guides that are posted.


I had started this a while ago and I didn’t see any then. I didn’t look lately, so sorry about that

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we are trying to limit the unusful guides, not useful guides. but yea