How to make Trick Platforms! 2/10 or 🟧

I am actually trying to edit right now! I’m not used to this forum, so it’ll take me a little while.

um… could you maybe finish the guide before posting it?

Alright. Some info,

  1. Good Etiquette to post a finished guide before actually posting your guide.
  2. You have only 1 day to finish!
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Since this is unfinished, I just added (wip) to the title. I hope that helps! :+1:

This is a common mistake that all the newer users do IDK why though.

Also just in case you forget, remember pictures are powerful! especially to a guide.

@GKCGOAT wip is not used I’m removing it

I am new. I joined a day ago :neutral_face:

And this is finally finished

This is a platformer game right? If so please add the tag.

“Okay, no collision, barriers, yeah, I get it, basic—”
“Is that Block Code?!”
You joined the forums three days ago and you’re making block code randomizers?!
Cool. Also, maybe you could add a little more. This is a small guide, but good.

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@GKCGOAT you might just wanna know, when someone changes a title or a tag, they won’t do it for fun. Don’t put it to just what you want. Leave it as be.

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:laughing: Well, I’m new to the forum but very experienced in making device contraptions. Also, I am trying to find other concepts to add to this.

Draft? Wow, I am inexperienced here. How exactly do you save the draft?


Oh, nice! Thanks for the info!

Np happy to help

Thank you for the help!

@GKCGOAT, Nice job on the guide! but this is definitely not 7/10 probably 4/10

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Oh nice!

Checking in, your finished! I wouldn’t say this is a 7/10, but 4 or 3.

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