How to make Topple Tactics in GKC [WIP]

DISCLAIMER: adding and building sentries did not work for me so I won’t be including it in this guide. This will also take up around twenty percent memory (at least it did for me)

The teams

First you will want two lifecycles, two relays, and two team switchers. Set one of the relays to “all players” and the other to “random player” make sure the lifecycles are set to “game start” and wire each of them to their respective relays.

Set one of the team switchers to “team 1” and the other too “team 2” then wire the “random player” relay to the “team two” team switcher and the “all players” relay to the “team 1” team switcher.
There you have your teams.

The map and the water

This one might take a while…
First, create a skinny, long, and twisty map that has a starting point and an end point. Then create two separate islands where the two teams will buy upgrades (these will come in later). Place a trigger down with the following settings:

Make sure that team 1 is only allowed to touch trigger it. Now place a force respawn and set it as so:

The boring part

take that first trigger from before and copy it and trace your whole map like this:
This is only part of my map

Team 1's island

First, trace the island with the same triggers that you raced your map with. Place a spawn pad with these settings:

Then you can create however many upgrades you want. Make each upgrade cost a specific amount of cash (make sure they are all below 15 cash and above 5 cash)

Team 2's island

Trace the island again with the triggers from the main map. Place a teleporter and set it “game” and make it team 2’s access only. Then place some more vending machines, but this time they give you weapons. (make sure that the weapons cost over 10 cash and less then 20 cash)

Team 1's money system

Team one will earn more money the closer they get to the end of the map.
place a couple small zones at the kind of close to the start, one in the middle, one at kind of close the end. Place a trigger in each of the zones with these settings: (make sure it is triggered by player collision and active scope is set to player only)

Wire the zones to the triggers like so:

Now place down a item granter that gives a certain amount of cash depending on how far you are on the map. For example, the first zone should only give you 1 cash, the second 2 cash, and so forth. (make sure the triggers are in spots that are easy to step on like narrow spots or tight corners)

Everything else is coming soon this is still in-progress :]
I will try to add more tomorrow

Wha’s Topple Tactics?

its a steam game, look it up