How to make toggleable laser beams Difficulty=🟩

So first you place 4 buttons on the map, wherever you want. Then hook up buttons with channels or wires, I personally use wires, and have 2 deactivate, and 2 activate in a cross formation, so that when you want to deactivate it on 1 side, you can do it on the other side as well. So this is the simple tutorial of how to make toggleable laser beams! Hope that helps! Here is a picture that might help you understand.

a=deactivate b=activate


@Menace_that_steals89 it would be nice for some pictures and a longer explanation it is a very short guide

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ok thanks ill try to fix it


Guides that are too short might get flagged

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uhhhh, you will get flagged and it shows personal information, all your tabs are out in the open, may wanna block that out or something

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nice guide though!

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