How to make the snowball launcher damage other players?

I am trying to make a custom Capture-the-Flag mode and I want to make the snowball launcher damage players. But when I tested my round with a friend, the snowballs didn’t do any damage. Any advice?

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Perhaps your friend was on the same team as you.

It is beacuse you are on the same team, make the two spawners for team 1 and team 2 then give each a weapon and they will deal damge. And Welcome to the commuity @Gold! Let me know if you need more help.

thank you! but I did make two spawners and the snowballs still didn’t damge him

did you click the spawners and set it to were on team 1 or team 2 can spawn there? Here is a guide on everything about cature the flag, there is a lot of helpful info you can use.

([ 📰 Resources ] Resources for Capture the Flag)

thanks! I’ll check if I did and thanks for the link! Your a life saver!


Your welcome let me know if you need help on anything else. And please remember to mark a solution.

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