How to make the Mira HQ sensors. (difficulty 2/10 or 🟩) YAY

So do you like among us? yes? Do you like Mira HQ? Yes but do you need the sensors? Probably

So first place a zone.

Now make a big room. Make sure you can get to the room
I made this:

Add teleporters and buttons to get to the room. I can’t really explain it besides using wires. I hope someone will make a guide.

And there are text devices
Make this block:

And copy the text 3 times.

Wire the zone to the text. like this:

repeat that for the corresponding texts and


is this a work in progress or just a accidental guide?

i clicked make guide by accident oops

i changed the title so people know its a work in progress

thank you @Caternaught

Btw you have to finish it today before it becomes uneditable

dont worry I know @Bruh2

I added an emoji for you!

This is nice, but is it truly 5/10?

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i would say so?
You need block knowledge and zones and stuff?

Now That i think abut it you are right

Yeah, well the block code isn’t too much, and the wires are okay. I would say 2/10 or 3/10.

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But i ran out of editing time anyways…

It’s alright! At least you know next time.

I can change the title what do you want it rated?

so what do I do @California_Love

2 or 3/10 difficulty then plz

Nothing, now. It’s changed! :slight_smile:
Maybe ask for ratings in a poll? (Next time?)

I don’t know how to make polls?

Hmm… I don’t see a problem with the guide’s difficulty honestly. 4-5/10 is a pretty good placement for this in my opinion. I certainly wouldn’t place it at 2/10.