How to make the Medical Station!+ Med Mist Soda Custom Perk A Cola Machine,made by me coming soon! Perk A Colas V9

The Medical Station is an invention of mine which i was able to figure out and do. Here’s how to make it!
Step One: Get a Health Granter
Step Two: Set the settings to these(health granter’s settings)

Final Step" Wire this to a button,and there you go! Full health and shield without using any items! Have fun,and be the team medic with this tutorial! If you do use the Med Mist Soda machine,please don’t forget to give credit to me! I’m still working on the machine,please wait!

Nice guide!!!

Nice guide, but can you please not make such short guides?

What do you mean? Depending on how long it takes to do all this,it will either be short or long.

Like the actual length of the guide is really short, maybe try adding more details?

This is just how long it took me guys…

What other details should i add though?

I think what people are trying to say is instead of posting separate guides for each mechanic, make one guide that you can use to compile each mechanic as you create them. You can add onto it as you go and it’ll get bumped up because of activity. That way you can give instructions for each mechanic and not have the guides themselves be short.


Maybe title it something like ‘COD Zombies in Gimkit - a WIP Guide of Mechanics’

And have each mechanic be a dropdown

Idk how to make dropdowns

It is in the gear icon above where you type
Screenshot 2023-11-06 2.17.48 PM

Perk A Colas V9 update!

oh so it’s right here? thanks @max1! The machine will be done soon guys,try to be patient,as this will take me some time!

Nice guide! Wow, V9 already!

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