How to make the map use your own kit

For some reason when i published that map with no kit in the questioner it just hides the questioner in-game its really anoying

Did you publish it or create a showcase link?

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i published it a couple days ago and was trying to make it “educational”

Since you published it when someone plays they will select a kit.

I tried hosting a test game and the questioner just disappears

You don’t need to worrier about that, gimkit automatically makes you select a kit that YOU have made. So its non of your worrier, gimkit has that part covered.

Questioners tend to have issues after publishing, so is there a nother way you can replace that function?

is there another way to answer questions?

No the questioner device is the only way.

ill try hosting another test game

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If that doesn’t work you will have to switch the function for buttons, zones, etc.

it didnt show up again

What is the name of the game maybe we could try.

I just left the questioner blank

Yeah. You have to copy and paste the kit code in.

You need to have a kit in it to most likely work, so add your kit in and there kit will not work, so they will then use your kit and it should work.

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Make sure you saved the updated game!

Its called :red_circle:Red vs Blue​:large_blue_circle:

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Maybe you could just make it appear on screen so they don’t have to see it, they just have to click it on their screen?

What do you mean?