How to make the lottery in your gimkit (Difficulty: 4/10)

Lottery devices needed:
1x Property Manager
1x item granter
1x Vending machine

code in item granter

config item granter

config property manager

everything else is default

config vending machine

in “Transmit on Channel”

And that’s it! have fun playing the lottery in your game!


Nice guide, but this should go to the community made guides section.


ok bro, i just did that.

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Could you add a picture of the finished build?

Ooh, nice job!

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@ClicClac Sure!

You leaked a code, reload the page quick.

Woops sorry there buddy

you can also add a reapeater like this
Screenshot 2023-09-22 100118

and have a wire running fro the repeater to the item granter like this

and then add additional code for the item granter with config “on wire pulse”

this is completely optional by the way

it just helps it run better

bump (that title tho)

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