How to make the Iron Giant! (WIP)

This was purely made for @VWOOM only, please do not edit this wiki at all. He needs to finish his guide he ran out of editing time too.

Hey guys! Today I am going to teach thee how to make the head of pop-culture giant, the iron giant!
Step 1: Take a barrier, make it a circle, turn the border off and set transparency 1, and resize roughly as shown. Make sure the color is, R: 74 G:72 B: 69.
Screenshot 2024-04-02 6.27.52 PM
Step 2: Make a second barrier a rectangle turn the border off and set transparency 1, and resize roughly as shown. Make this rectangle slightly lighter than the circle, also, make sure it’s a higher level than the circle.
Step three: The eyes! Im running low on time but this is pretty self explanatory.
Step 4: The jaw! First, take two light colored skinny rectangles and place them as shown.
Then take a big gray rectangle, and make it the same color as the first circle, and place as follows!
Voila! Bonus, make the eyes red when he gets into rage mode like in the movie. See ya! Stay fresh!


I kinda accedently deleted the map with the body head so I can’t attach it to the body without starting over…



lets see how well your guide is then. Test to see if you can recreate it. Then, continue the wiki.


My computer is almost dead so I will work on it tommorrow. I did finish the head tho.

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also, do you know how to view who and who isn’t is a regular? Like the listing of everyone? I’m just curious

It’s next to their name. Bye! Or go to badges and click regular so you can see all of them.

no like, the entire listing

all of the regulars, I know I saw it somewhere. It has a giant list on who’s regular

NVM: found out how, use the badges section

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You could click on the regular badge in the badge area for all the tl3s or @trust_level_3


Thank you.

List of people leaving with you

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And thank you for helping so much man. You were like my duo to me lol. This is so sad. 6 forum users, important and substantial leaving. There’s also Jelloboss, he helped a lot too. But he wasn’t there that long.


@foxy BANNED!?

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no, like it got blocked, I need to go change that. I didn’t mean ban.

Yea, that’s a good point.

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Welcome to the forums @CARROTGaming
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Welcome to the forums! I hope you like your time here. Make sure to follow the rules, be kind to others- then they will be welcoming to you.
I look forward to seeing you around.